Python is a powerful programming language with similar qualities as PERL. It has object-oriented functions and is mostly used in developing rich text files and HTML content on websites. Python has a variety of in-built resources that a user can choose from.

Python programming language determines code blocks with a dynamic type system and memory management using a core feature of code readability using white space. It is used by renowned and reputed websites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Dropbox and Reddit. Developed by Guido van Rossum in 1980, Python has gained popularity over the years because of its clear syntax and readability. The language is very flexible and can be interpreted in a number of operating systems. It can run in UNIX-based systems, Mac OS, MS-DOS, OS/2 and in MS Windows. Python can also be modified and ported to Java and .NET virtual machines.

Many companies use Python as a scripting language: They use it to generate dynamic web content and in creating web applications. Programmers can also create customized plug-ins and extensions with Python. This is because it is supported by a number of 2D and 3D imaging programs such as GIMP, Blender, Inkscape and Autodesk Maya

4 Python Programs

The following Python assignment solution sample, consists of 4 small programs. The first program is to calculate the water level after rain fall on a surface with a topology consisting of square grid with the height of each block contained in a 2D list. You need to ask for the rain fall amount, and then it returns the overall height of the water. The second program asks you to enter an arbitrary number of integers, and then asks for the number of values to switch (multiply by -1 to change the sign), you need to determine the maximum sum of the values after switching the number of values to switch. The third program consists of a program that takes a series of pillars with ascending heights that support a wire for the cable car. Ideally the best cable car, has the same slope between each pillar, so which pillars would you need to keep to get the perfect ride. The final program, assumes you have a series of heights for the ceiling and a series of heights for the floor. You need to determine the longest visible distance. This type of Python programming homework help, is reasonably complex and shows the quality of work we are able to do for you.

Analyze Rice Production Yields

You have been asked to analyze historical data on rice production for 4 agricultural companies. The data consists of monthly production data for each companies for the past 21 years. Check for the levels produced during March and October using a 1% significance level. Compare July and August with a 5% significance level. For more Python assignment help, contact us for a quote.


You need to fill in code to complete the provided code. Tiles are represented by a list of lists, and each tile keeps track of all the ones that can be reached from that tile (not going out of bounds). Add docstrings to functions. Complete the find_adj method that finds all the tiles that can be reached. The code for explore, should navigate the map recursively and gather the gems. For more Python programming assignment help contact us for a quote.

Machine Learning

The Python assignment solution sample below demonstrates the use of different machine learning algorithms. The dataset consists of training and testing data, in 2 folders called train and test. What type of data is contained within he datasets. How many features are represented? Use k nearest neighbor for k in range 1 to 50, and choose the best k based on the model f1 score. Use multiclass logistic regression with elastic net, and draw a surface plot of f1 in respect to alpha and I1 ratio values. Build a support vector machine using a RBF kernel classifier, and choose the best values for gamma and C. Draw a plot of F1 with respect to gamma and C. Use a random forest to classify the data using the following values for the tree depth (300, 500, 600) and 200, 500 and 700 trees. Choose the best values for the tree depth and number of trees. Which technique gave the best results, and which was the worst. How could you improve the results? For more Python programming homework help, contact us for a quote.

Online Allocation Problem

There are m resources, each with a fixed capacity. When a request comes in, we want to decide whether to accept or reject the request without knowing future demand. We have historical demand in the file “demands.csv”. We want to formulate the problem as a linear program, so you need to change it to standard form. Then solve it using Gurobi. For Python programming homework help contact us for a quote.

Treasure Map

The following Python homework solution sample illustrates the use of turtle graphics. You are given some skeleton code that you need to flush out to provide a complete solution. The program will generate a treasure map, onto which you will need to display 5 different tokens. You should then generate a series of instructions of moves. The tokens should be connected in a theme and not be too simple. The instructions consist of a direction, a number of squares to move, and the token type to display. The icons should fit in a 100 pixel by 100 pixel box. The icons should be display with a text identification next to them, for example company logos, sport teams, comic characters. The program should be contained in a single file. If you are looking for Python programming assignment help like this, then contact us for a quote.

Advantages of Python Language

  • It is easy to use and learn
  • It is compatible with other languages
  • Python is portable – the codes written for one machine can run in another without any modification.
  • It has a rich library of toolkits
  • It supports object oriented, imperative and functional programming
  • Programmers can write Python codes in fewer lines as compared to other languages like Java and C++.

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Why students encounter difficulties while preparing their Python programming assignment

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  • Lack of regular practice – as it is always said “practice makes perfect”. Learning the Python language is not a day’s job.  If you want to grasp the intricate codes then you have to practice daily.
  • Committing plagiarism – Since drafting a Python program is not an easy task, a student may be tempted to copy-paste other people’s work. This is an academic crime that can lead to loss of marks or cancellation of a student’s degree. We recommend that you take Python online help from our experts.

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