Python homework help refund policy

Pyhtonhomeworkhelp.com has an operational refund policy that clients can refer to when seeking a refund from us. The refund policy has all the details that a client needs when initiating a refund. This policy explains to our clients when they can qualify for a refund and when they do not, based on the regulations provided here. If any section in this refund policy is not clear, reach out to our customer care team for an explanation and clarification.

Our Refund Policy

This refund policy is only applied to pythonhomeworkhelp.com. This policy was drafted to increase our trust and service delivery between our clients and us. Many reasons can make a client opt to cancel a project and decide to ask for a refund. The reasons can include breach of contract, late delivery, cancellation of the homework, and many other reasons. Here at pythonhomeworkhelp.com, we do everything possible to ensure that our clients get quality service. If by any chance, we feel that we may not complete your work on time, we will inform you immediately and initiate the refund process. Note that for a client to qualify for a refund, they must prove that they had hired us to work on their project. The money will be sent to the hiring account if they qualify for the refund.

When a client qualifies for a refund from us

We have different factors that we look into when processing refunds. You will qualify for a refund if;

You had made a double payment for the same task. If, in any case, you make a double payment for the same task, you qualify for a refund for the extra payment you made. Note that you can initiate a refund or use the money for another task. If you need a refund, we will initiate it immediately, and the money will be sent to the same account used to make the payment.

If we fail to get an expert to work on your homework within an hour after receiving it, we will inform you and initiate a refund. However, this is a very rare case because we only take tasks when we have an expert in place to do them.

You qualify for a refund if you cancel the homework within the first ten minutes after hiring us. However, note that this does not apply to tasks indicated as urgent tasks for exams, tests, or quizzes. Note that we start it immediately after you award us the task in the case of urgent homework.

Cancellation of an order

An order can be cancelled by the client or by us. We can cancel an order if the client has used another person’s card to pay for our service without approval. Your order will also be cancelled if we notice that the amount you are using to pay for our service is obtained fraudulently, either through money laundering or other illegal means. Note that if we also notice that you are using our website for any other purpose other than what it is meant for, we will also cancel your order. We urge all our clients to follow our terms and conditions when using this website. A client can cancel an order for different reasons, which they will notify us during the cancellation. Once a client cancels an order, we will notify them if they qualify for a refund or not. We are dedicated to helping every student.